"Golden Age of Multi-Family"

The CoStar Group, Inc., a Washington, DC based commercial real estate information and marketing provider, calls this the 'Golden Age of Multi-Family.' The inventory of new houses has remained low while demand increases.

Right now a dozen projects are at various stages of construction and development in southern New Rochelle. We live within walking distance to most of them and will photograph progress and gather links to related articles and post all here for public review.

These developments are directly related to the December of 2015 approval of a downtown overlay zone by city council. Here is the how the City of New Rochelle describes the concept.

Interactive Map

We have located the projects on an interactive map with clickable blue markers for the projects, school attendance zones (in pink) and the outline of the overlay zone (in dark blue). Use your mouse or two fingers (on ipads and smart phones) to navigate the map.

A menu in the upper left hand corner can be opened or closed and contains the available layers, which may be turned on or off, as desired. The available layers currently include the school attendance zones and the overlay zone outline.

Join us as we track the projects. Drop us an email if something needs correction or is omitted. We look forward to hearing your comments.


John & Karen Hessel

John and Karen Hessel

John and Karen Hessel at Watermark Pointe